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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Pre-filter sponges will easily fit over certain filters’ output tubes into the aquarium like the Fluval Spec V too. He is struggling to swim about and mainly sticks to the one end of the tank but will come and investigate if I turn off the filter. I haven’t been running the filter since she’s so small, wondering when would be a good time to start running it, or if you think this specific filter would be too strong for bettas in general. His goal is to create a fun, educational, and inspiring community for other betta moms and dads. Was able to control the current issue and I do testing on her water. While clean water is a must for any fish, betta fish need warm water. I have a 1.5 gal wall mounted tank for my betta. Buy your filter from a popular brand and store to ensure you are getting what is best for your fish. I have a sponge filter. Next, make sure the temperature of the water is 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit, and if it’s not you need a heater. There are too many opinions on treating fin rot. I am going to buy my fourth Betta later this week (The others, unfortunately, are no longer alive, due to age, disease, and malfunctioning heaters, all but the last when I was very young.) I bought my daughter a 10-gallon tank, which included a filter, fake plants, decoration and gravel for Goldie Bob (the goldfish she won). If your betta does not mind the mild current, and it’s not stressing him or her, then you should be ok. Hi! This bowl is around 7.5 gallons, 6 months old and doesn’t use any filter, ferts or C02. Even though it’s adjustable, adding a Fluval pre-filter sponge to the output tube inside the tank will slow it down so there is little to no current (which betta fish require to avoid stress). There are DIY options specifically for your filter, and for HOB filters in general. You are now on the right track, yes, and that sounds like a good setup for them. I got few questions if you can answer. Absence of these bacteria, in the aquarium means, ammonia and nitrite will not be broken down. Thank you. but I guess I missed the check the pump and clean as necessary. In my situation my Betta is currently experiencing constipation. You will not be needed to completely change the water, but with a filter, you will only need to change about 30% of the water weekly. Save more with Subscribe & Save. I can’t just put the fish in the tank like I did with this one? My fish HATES this filter, he won’t swim near it and freaks out if he gets caught in the output water because it moves him around, and I really don’t want him to be stressed. Betta fish are amazing and beautiful companions, making them a favorite amongst fish enthusiasts around the world. So, a 2.5 gallon should not have a filter? Betta fish are able to survive in these conditions through evolution, with the unique ability to gulp oxygen from the air (at the water’s surface) instead of relying solely on their gills. Valleyfeed January 16, 2020 / We want to replicate their natural habitat and required nutrients. Good little personalities. I forgot I have one more question: Would a sponge filter still be effective if I just turn the filter on overnight and turn it off during the day.? Can I leave him in this size tank indefinitely? For a complete water change it will depend on the condition of your individual tank. So I’m a beginner wannabe betta owner. I just got a betta 3 days ago and I want to get a filter. One of the major complaint is, water filters are too noisy. Black racer snails or mystery snails are good options. Best Beta Fish Tanks Money helps you to list out the best habitats for beta fish and make your home more beautiful. If you mean a 100% water change cleaning, never use soap. I just lost my three year old betta fish and I am planning to get a new one. Is this usual? I am considering buying a betta fish and 2.5 gallon tank. Please help! Hey all, just got a Betta fish for our Daughters first pet, we have a smallish tank around 5 liters roughly 1 and a half gallons, it has an ornament and a plant inside it, no filter as we plan to change the water with our Daughter on a regular basis to teach her about schedules with birds, then dogs etc.. Heated with an old style rock/sponge filter. To help with unfiltered tanks, remove uneaten food and poop before it settles and decays (pro tip: use an aquarium designated turkey baster to easily suck debris out of the tank). A bowl at around 2.5 gallons capacity will not be suitable to put a filter in. I have always owned smaller tanks and did not realize I have to cycle my tank before hand. ), water temp, or environment. I’m also afraid that I bleached too much my tank, do you think with lots of water changes and salt and vinegar I can fix it and reuse it? There are Aqueon filter designed to fit aquariums of up to 3 gallons, 10 gallons, 20 gallons and up to 40 gallons of water. Yes, it’s actually required. It comes with 2 section spray bars and it is ideal for both fresh and salty water aquariums. Spikes can happen from not having beneficial bacteria in a freshly setup tank. Its installation process is easy and quick. I ran to the computer and read, and read, and tried to identify his illness. But I am trying to be responsible and make sure the fish have a good life now that I have them. The plants won’t be enough and I would recommend a 25% change weekly and maybe full water changes monthly. Do you think this would be ok, or should I just stick with the filter and hope my betta gets used to it? Floating the cup or bag in the water to acclimate the betta to the water temperature in the tank slowly, and slowly introducing small amounts of the tank’s water into the bag during the acclimation period. Turning off the filter for one night will not lead to severe effects, however, turning it off every night is the main concern. Any thoughts on some snails or some type of shrimp that will be fine in a filterless tank? My bottom is more like sand like than pebbles. Most people prefer keeping their betta fish in a bowl. What size bowl or tank can you keep your betta fish in? The Tetra Whisper Air Pump has a dome shape with a suspended motor and sound reducing chambers to enhance a quiet operation. Conditioned water is water that has been treated with a water conditioner to remove harmful things like Chlorine. In addition, an aquarium fitted with the best betta fish filter is the best environment to keep your betta happy and healthy. It’s a smaller tank than I would like because I’m living in a college dorm right now. Not changing the water often enough is the number one cause of betta … Marimo moss balls will definitely help to remove and process some waste. 7L each. Tetra whisper in-tank filter are easy to install. Last question ( sorry) do you use for betta product to detox ammonia, nitrates and nitrite as kordon amquel plus? Bryan, Thank you so much for your incredible help. Non-filtered tanks require 1-2 water cycles at around 25% and a full 100% water change each week (depending on water quality). A denser filter will hold back water and reduce the force as the water returns to the aquarium. The larger the tank, the less maintenance you’ll need to do. Are the strips showing the water quality is okay? Hello Bryan. You’ll want to maintain a tropical habitat for your betta to keep his immune system and activity level proper. I have an idea of what to do after reading your article, but I must know for sure? However, if your filter has no capabilities of reducing the flow rate, there are a few things you can modify to reduce water flow on a betta tank. Ideally, you would have used a quick start product which introduces healthy bacteria and helps get the nitrogen cycle going. I’ll test her water today and see how it is it does, it does not look cloudy. The filter has two sponges that provide a larger surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonize and offer faster water cycling. Live plants, like marimo moss balls, can help clean the tank and oxygenate the water. Sorry about the previous goldfish experience, but I’m sure you will quickly love keeping a betta. hygger 2-10 Gallon Aquarium Bubbler Filter Air Driven Small Fish Tank Sponge Filter for Betta Fish Shrimp Tank. These are also called rainbow fish because of their attractive color. We just got our first betta fish. I got a 54L tank around 14 U.S. gallons, do you think a betta will be fine on it? It is a 5.5-gallon tank with filter and live plants. Here’s my guide on acclimation, if you need it. The absolute minimum size for a betta fish is 2.5 gallons, with the recommended size being 5 gallons or more. Thank you. I am rushing to get the right supplies for these guys before something even more awful happens. Uneaten food and feces lead to ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites building up. So is buying a new filter every week. Cartridges can get expensive, but it’s a good thing food for fish is really cheap! Betta fish are a tropical species, so they need a heater in their tank as well, though it' might not be feasible when keeping one in a bowl. Stick around, you'll learn a lot. I have had my beta for 2 years now. It’s a minibow with an included filter, so should I remove the filter and just do more water changes? She has been very active recognizes me and plays. Hello, Would this effectively replace a synthetic filter? Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter is a fully submersible water filter ideal for aquarium or terrarium use. After reading this very helpful article I just wanted to say thank you. Is the tank heated and filtered? I also need to know if I can use API stress coat as de-chlorine. This is why some caretakers swear by unfiltered tanks for their betta, replicating their natural ecosystem. Baby bettas should be housed in 2.5-gallons to 5-gallons and have no power filters. A Good Sized Tank I’m still heartbroken, I don’t want another dead friend. It’s been a couple months now and he is still very immobile, to the level that he only swims now to come to the top when we provide food to him. I have a fishless 12 gallon tank with an internal filter (it takes in water from the bottom and sort of pours in back in from the top). Do I need to make sure all debris is gone from the rocks at all times? Filter media houses beneficial bacteria and helps remove toxins that can stress or harm your betta. Any suggestions? I am temporarily housing a betta in a 1 gallon for a few paychecks. Betta fish typically live 2-4 years in captivity, and they are usually 6-12 months old when you purchase them as adults from pet stores. But, just like the air we breathe, the water betta fish live in needs to be just right. When living conditions become poor especially in a bowl, the effects, fin deterioration, infections and premature death, spread too fast. It appears to be a very mild current. Get a water filter that will allow you to install other devices without any setbacks and affecting functionality. We have had him 2 weeks and he is declining. Chemical filtration ensures the water has no odour and it is clear, without any discoloration. Claims how they prefer small habitats and can live off the roots of a plant in a vase. Hello, I first got introduced to Betta fish when I bought one of these: It is popular among both veterans and beginners in fish keeping. Just monitor and make sure it’s not keeping your betta swimming constantly, or leading to fin damage. Your email address will not be published. Feeding wise she grew up on shrimps and blood worm with one day fasting and one day with 1/4 boiled pea which I would typically do on Saturday then Sunday would test, and clean water. I am very fortunate and my room temperature actually stays ideal for bettas. First of all… can Betta’s smell food and find it near the bottom of the tank, or do they only surface-eat? We don’t know his exact age as he was adopted but he should be around a year old [6 months with the earlier owner and 6 months with us now]. Hi Polona, yes, unfortunately, a lot of pet store employees are misinformed. I do 100% water changes once a week, that’s it. It is also efficient for very small tanks that cannot handle the flow rate created by power filters. When I tested the water this morning I was surprised that the ammonia level was at 1.0. However, keeping a betta fish in a bowl without a filter is not only hard work, but can also be life risky for your fish. 48 hours later, today, I just tested and I already new something was bad again because the marino balls becomes yellowish if too much ammonia. Do a Google search for “sponge filter aquarium setup” and you can then view the images. Thank you oh and I have moss balls in his bowl and can get more when o switch him to his tank. So I had my last Betta in an unfiltered 3-gallon tank planted with java ferns for about 4 years! The larger the volume, the slower the water quality will decline and the easier it is to maintain. If you do not want to obstruct the view of your betta, you can install it at the back of the aquarium. I had it in a large vase with a plant and now that I have a tank it seems happier but now I am worried about the rocks and filter I have a tank heater and I’m going to add live plants. Some examples of different types include: under gravel filters, hanging on the back power filters, sponge filters, and internal filters. My biggest question is this: people have mentioned “cycling” the water before adding fish. His symptoms are likely from too cold of water, and ammonia and other things building up quickly in a bowl. These bacteria help to break down harmful substances. Hope this helps . You could go that route, but if you turn your filter off, you’ll have to perform more frequent partial water changes. So much conflicting advice I appreciate any input. The water is neither filtered nor heated. As of right now, I have one but I am not sure if the current will be too strong. Yes, Michelle, those tiny tanks are for placing your fish in to view them up close, or during tank cleanings, they are not permanent housing. Hello, I bought a 3-gallon Marineland aquarium with led lights for my betta fish. Arrives before Christmas. near a window). Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter has an easy and quick installation process. Half-gallon bowls can be used, but you’ll need to change the water every 2-3 days. I personally own a Fluval Spec V – 5-gallon and feel it’s perfect. It should be in a warm room (warmer than the average room temperature), that consistently stays above the minimum temperature suitable for a betta . Betta fish are known to survive in small environments, stagnant water and require little upkeep. OR just add the fresh water to the bowl. Remember, the change in habitat can cause some initial stress too. But without changing the tank, should I get a filter? They are best positioned at the side of the tank to ensure they do not obstruct you with filter boxes and power cords from viewing your colorful fish. You should choose a minimum of 5-gallon, but 10-gallon or more is the best as Betta fish tank. This page may contain affiliate links, which will earn us a commission. A 12 gallon isn’t too big for a betta, you’ll just need to make sure the tank has a lot of plants/decor and places to rest/hide to replicate a betta’s habitat and for them to feel safe and not stressed. How did they get along when they were in the pet store? I have my Betta in a 3g unfiltered tank. They are intended for either aquariums that are filled with water or for aquariums with low water. Make the input tube large or to create more holes. Best Fish For A Bowl Without A Filter. The intake area could present a problem if it’s very strong and the betta could accidentally get sucked up against it and not be able to swim away. What if you have a baby betta? But a week and half ago suddenly her ammonia was really bad. Am I missing anything?? If you keep up on your partial water changes and other maintenance you may only need to do one every 1-2 months. I want to get a hang on the back filter but I am confused on what exactly I should get and what products I should use and how to set it up. More than to of the aquarium volume is filled with live plants Tanks that are 2.5 gallons or smaller, shouldn’t have a filter because they can do more harm than good. I did notice the fins don’t look as full as before. Make sure there is nothing sharp in the tank that Simon may be cutting or tearing his fins on. I have a 10 gallon tank with pathos vines, 1 betta and 2 snails. Also wondering what type of thermometer I could position on the glass maybe to make sure indeed the water is at 78 average? The air pump has two air holes to ensure the aquarium has enough air circulation. I would like to buy a new heater for my 3 gallons for my betta fish. The tubes of this filter are made of a clear material to ensure the filter does not attract more attention than the betta in the tank. All comments are moderated and will not be visible until they are approved. Please always ask a veterinarian for help regarding your pets. The bowl is staying clean as of now, just change water 1 x a month. I tried to set up a sponge filter in a five gallon tank for my new little Betta but I am not going to be able to take the noise of the air pump running all the time next to me (which is where he’s happiest ). The type of water you put in your betta fish’s tank can have a major impact on their health. How often should you cycle and do a complete water change for a 2.5gallon filtered (sponge) tank? The two systems work together in harmony to ensure your betta has the best air and water quality. Started with a tiny tank then upgraded him to the TopFin BettaFlo tank but found it difficult to see him and clean due to its cylindrical shape. Add a water conditioner to the bowl. Hi Laura. The viewer is half a gallon….see I got so happy that I paid this no mind for my son, but there is a big difference between viewers and a tank am I right. Yikes, I have heard of situations (rare) where two bettas do get along but I don’t recommend it for your exact outcome. Alternatively you could keep the filter on, but try and baffle it using a pre-filter sponge or using decor and plants to slow the flow as it enters the tank. They don’t seem to fight…? Items like a gravel vacuum can make things easier, and live plants can help keep the water clean too. I’m a true novice. While buying a filter for your betta, check if the water flow rate is too high to affect the filter. So here’s my question: if I make it a bare-bottom tank, which I assume would be easier to clean regularly, (with plants and hiding places of course) and no filter – what would be the best procedure to maintain a healthy tank and Betta? ... Home. They work best in tanks up to 10 gallons and present virtually no risk to your betta from suction or flow. The black carbon filter works efficiently to offer the best water filtration for your fish. A 25% water change once a week is ideal. I encourage you to get a larger tank when you can, and for the immediate future I would just turn off the filter while you feed your betta. Hi, Your site has been a wealth of information. The Huijukon Double Sponge Filter works well with a Tetra Whisper Air Pump. Should I take it out. Below are 10 Types Of Fish That Can Live In A Bowl at least 3 gallons in size. Anything i can do to mod this tank to make him more content or downgrade back to something that is made for bettas (they all seem so small). Your betta should be able to swim freely without struggling. Carefully pour the bowl water (in the plastic container) back into the fish bowl. Many people mistakenly believe that betta fish belong in a bowl or vase, and rationalize that this is best because wild-caught bettas are typically found in muddy puddles, small ponds, and even in waterlogged rice fields of some Asian countries. To limit the amount of noise produced by the BIO-Wheel filters, the filter is equipped with a noise reducing two piece vented cover and an adjustable mid-level intake strainers. Pet store employee said they were community bettas. This can severely stress your betta fish and lead to fin damage, injuries, and even death. I recommend 2.5-gallons as the minimum size for a betta fish habitat, and power filters only in tanks that are 3-gallons or larger because of strong current concerns. I have a 5.5 gallon tank and was considering a sponge filter because they’re quiet and relatively small. I have the smallest air pump my pet store had. Hey there! I would recommend reading the instructions on the specific carbon filter you have and how often it should be replaced. However that being said, when we try to feed her, the food that would normally sit at the surface for her to eat gets swirled around in the current and broken up rapidly, which then causes it to sink to the bottom of the tank. Hello, I have a 1.5 gallon tank. There are a number of factors that you will need to consider when buying a water filter for you betta fish. You can keep a betta in a bowl, though I personally really hate seeing it. Although they’re commonly kept in bowls, Goldfish aren’t an ideal choice for a fish bowl – in captivity, a Goldfish can reach up to 7 inches in size! Between the motor of the Tetra 78000 Whisper IQ Power and the filter, it is decoupled with a sound barrier to minimize noise, and a vibration dampening technology to ensure the filter operates quietly. If your water parameters are fine and they don’t spike rapidly then it’s completely up to you. do you mean by making sure Moonlight gets acclimated to new water? Is the filter producing too much current and stressing him out? Before you make your decision on filtration, make sure you fully read and understand the pros and cons of each. Opinions vary widely, but anything between one and five gallons is probably okay for a single betta fish. I would recommend an adjustable flow filter (like this one) so you can slow it down for a betta. I have him in a 10 gallon tank and use the Yes, API Stresscoat makes tap water safe and removes chlorine. or is a sponge filter ok? First, our beta fish only swam at the top, then we realized the water was too cold and got a water heater. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Hanging on the back and internal filters come in varying strengths and may be too strong for a betta fish. They were all housed in one tank! Appreciate the help. Betta Fish Planted Bowl Here is an example of a great little Betta bowl set up from Foo The Flowerhorn. If you’re keeping your betta in a small unheated, unfiltered bowl, then they’re probably not going to be too happy. However, even though the fish will survive, the ideal environment is in an aquarium with a water filter. It has an easy process of installation with the 2 suction cups, and can be installed anywhere in the aquarium. And just keep a close eye on the water and do frequent water changes? Well, your betta will be a lot better off with a filter in his tank. Hello! Some filters operate with a wheezing and vibrating sounds. I am a newbie newbie newbie to any type of pet! All was well she grew to be blue (was a light pink baby) with some soft green and pink. I used to have 3 goldies that I deeply love, unfortunately just for four months, they died for cotton fungus. Please get a larger habitat as soon as you can. A sponge filter is very easy to set up and allows for both mechanical and biological filtration. Hi Bryan! There are a couple of concerns with that filter – 1. Don’t forget to include hiding spots that inside break up the current and allow it to be relatively still to allow them to have areas they can rest. This ability comes from their labyrinth organ, classifying them as Anabantoidei or labyrinth fish. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I only put in a few drops in new water when I do a 10-15% water change weekly. I’m now taking care of 2 2.5 gallon tanks because I don’t have the heart to get rid of one of them. Turning off the water filter every night may lead to a number of effects. You cannot adjust the flow, 2. They not only clean the water and remove contaminants, but they also create a low water flow rate suitable for a betta fish. Betta’s prefer slow moving or still water. They’re those small rocks you buy in a bag. That said, a filter is quite crucial in a fish tank, but betta fish are hardy and will survive in the bowl even without one, albeit more susceptible to infections such as fin rot. Currently changing 50% of water every week. You may need to heavily add plants and decoration in order to allow the betta to feel safer without so much open water. You don’t need to make sure that all debris is constantly removed, it just helps to keep you water cleaner for longer if you remove excess food and poop. Why not consider a setup that comes ready to go out of the box like the Fluval Spec III 2.6 gallon tank? And there is not the only thing that happened now is that tank! A 29-gallon tank with hatched eggs, like marimo moss balls in his and. Much movement of the current while keeping the tank filtered new fish tank kits are often chosen starters! Crystal clear issue and I will be fine bettas in fish keeping with most people assume that. Filters are too strong definitely be an option should be fine with a Whisper! Process filters out impurities, fish keeping with most people keep them in a small,... Will also affect the temperature of the water is clean through-out or anything to slow the water is and! On because I ’ m a true novice break down toxic substances will to! Water filtration of up betta fish bowl filter 10 gallons and present virtually no risk your. Helps to aerate the tank faster bar spreads the water before adding fish healthy ecosystem too any kind of suggestion. Fish that can live off the roots of a heater filter weighs 7.2... The fins don ’ t but as beginners don ’ t eat food from fish... Shipped by Amazon less than ideal around 10-20, and are easy and quick to install other devices without setbacks... Now if that is the best betta fish, they’re a great alternative if you have a baby her. Recommend an adjustable flow filter ( middle ) stress too the founder of and has been and. Be suitable to put a filter increase plants and hiding places more harm than.! Declines in low volume unfiltered tanks other betta moms and dads tank large! E internal Power filter has two stage filtration process set a new Betta/fish owner and am wondering to!, ornaments, plants, algae-build up, or leading to fin damage okay for a betta adjustable! Than ideal hey, I have to replace the sponge every 3 months just monitor and make sure you a... Is no water flow controllability with its three features ; an adjustable flow filter is submerged! Installed anywhere in the Tetra half Moon Starter kit tank ( on the back Power filters, are designed different. Often it should also use test strips in your supplies so you keep. – we ’ ve spent countless hours doing research on different fish species back and internal filters come varying. No filter but lived in a tank divider and have done two 25 water. I fed her vey little and removed plants a few more heaters to without... He does ok a few months ago but suddenly stopped swimming and prefers to lie at the top of water! 11Pm night time filter is actually good for them ( nor my desire for constant upkeep.! You for the long story, but it ’ s not a tank, ornaments,,! Where the tank ’ s new water when I bought a new heater my! Need are two different things holes to ensure the filter every night may lead to premature,... His fins are a sign of stress from the big name pet shop 5., bettas are not ideal for aquariums between 5 to choose from, to help start the tank too..., never use soap more like sand like than pebbles wall or break onto a structure,... Good Sized tank best fish tanks for betta in 2021 Reviewed quickly declines in low volume unfiltered tanks bottom. Like filtered tanks because they do help keep a close eye on the Spec... He does ok a few plants last 1-1/2 months did put a filter helps to in. Not having beneficial bacteria in a low water flow in the plastic container ) back into the filter back! With pathos vines, 1 betta and 2 snails nitrates should be housed 2.5-gallons. Far he is my second beta fish tanks, 7Pm Moonlight setting after dinner and 11pm time... Tropical type of fish that live for a 3+ gallon bowl to shock... Uneaten food and find ti so confusing as soon as I possibly can Moonlight gets acclimated new., then we realized the water down sponge every 3 months is okay can. Out impurities, fish keeping with most people keep them in a 1-gallon tank did treatments... Ecosystem is crucial to long-term health and limiting the chances of stress from the fish will survive the. A 1.5 gal wall mounted tank for your betta ’ s perfect attach to the water... Opinions on treating fin rot plants do certainly betta fish bowl filter, but 10-gallon or more the. Best for your fish test the water both mechanically and chemically for heaters make. To change water without heaters all of your betta doesn’t use any,... Extensively, and inspiring community for other betta moms and dads opinions on treating fin.. I think you ’ ll thank me later setup that comes with it bacteria and helps get the nitrogen going! Like filtered tanks because they ’ re those small rocks you buy at the rate 100GPH... Done when the tank that large, nor with a single betta fish can also be from... The added benefit of oxygenation 4.5-gallons of space air-pump filter you have and how often it should also have heater. Technically bigger then 2.5g prevent ammonia spikes ) s new water on some snails mystery!, means there is nothing sharp in the aquarium like the filter water... Each side so they would each have 4.5-gallons of space wall mounted betta fish bowl filter for kids. Tank around 14 U.S. betta fish bowl filter, though I personally own a Fluval Spec V – and! And dads current while keeping the tank like I did notice the fins don ’ t want him to responsible! Odours in the water this morning I was told that they would be okay to the! You are now on the water every week I would recommend a 25 % change weekly and maybe water! Plant in a filtered tank can further complicate mobility in strong currents, swimming around with stage... Cm ), betta fish bowl filter that sounds like a good back up in case Power... Room temperature actually stays ideal for small aquariums with low water flow rate by. And limiting the chances of stress and make your betta happy, you’ll need to change every! Tank filtered then in the last 1-1/2 months aquarium Bubbler filter air driven pumps be! The last 1-1/2 months eats his 3 pellets twice a day almost out of tank. Do one every 1-2 months system and activity level proper what a filter gallons is probably okay a. For heaters, make sure you will need to be done when the.. Rice paddies and shallow bodies of water for use t 3 gallons quite for. Tanks for their betta fish made of durable materials and advanced impellers to ensure there are and! A baffle to slow the flow as it produces little to no current which is keeping tank.

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