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This is, of course, necessary because no organization does or ever should lower its standards to accommodate another hechsher. At the time, Wendell Young, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 Keystone State, told the Lewistown Sentinel that the plant was closing out of an “abundance of caution.” He described Empire as likely the “cleanest poultry plant you’ll find on the planet.”. Empire Kosher is the largest producer of kosher poultry in the United States, and one of the oldest. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Does the hechsher oversee this at all? Going forward, Empire will be under the OU as well as the Tartikov Hashgocho under Rabbi Yechiel Babad. So now we have a request. Whenever a new hechsher comes on board, there is usually a tweak or two that the new hechsher makes. Nobody could figure it out until someone noticed that one operator was shorter than the others and tilted the furnace at a different angle. K'hal Adath Jeshurun, founded in 1939 by Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer, has been serving the Washington Heights community for over 60 years. Reb Moshe Feinstein, Z”L, was very upset that at Empire poultry one may only come with an appointment in advance. All consumers, including those seeking a chasidisha schechita, can purchase Empire Kosher products with the confidence that it is of the highest quality under the supervision of the OU and Rabbi Babad. With these helpers he hardly has to move that much and gets though the quota very fast. True to the concept of a full service community ("Kehilla"), KAJ comprises a synagogue, educational facilities, a social hall, and a Beth Midrash. They do not, however, agree to leniencies or kullos,” remarked Rav Avrohom Belsky shlita, Rabbi Belsky zatzal’s son – a well-respected Mashgiach among a number of the hechsherim in his own right. This author has found that, in the past one of the three alternative chicken companies listed in the letter reproduced below had a chicken kidney problem that was as common as 1 out of 8 on average. Generally, it done on the upper thigh or under the neck skin. It is this author’s view that everyone involved in kashrus, whether as a mashgiach, as a field repreresentative, or head of an agency, should strictly adhere to the ruling on the Mishna Brurah in Orach Chaim 1:12. For example, they can demand that they come in immediately after a holiday. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, a paper that exposed a poultry processing plant called Bell and Evans that was responsible for the deaths of three people because they had pressured employees who were suffering from Corona to come back to work too early, Empire’s behavior was exemplary. Each chicken only takes a few seconds to shect. Ohio Speaker’s Arrest In Bribery Probe Muddies 2020 Election, Gantz Promises Another 13 Coronavirus Hotels For Chareidi Sector. As a company, Empire has a very impressive record of mentchlichkeit. 49. I am happy to accommodate them but would like to understand th In most homes, however, this is not a problem because the woman who is preparing the chicken usually does a pretty good job in cleaning the chickens. There were/are some kashrus issues that evidently KAJ is not at liberty to discuss at this time, I could understand that. ’I wish I visited you more, Grandpa. One Hechser is good enough for me…. Join the discussion today. The Yad Yehudah and Shaarei Deah both say that you do not have to remove them. The one in eight statistic would indicate that this might very well be the problem. FYI- A shechita of a “b’emtza-Ha’tzavar” style, may be a hidur that may turn into a serious issue. Empire Kosher Turkey is one of several products made by a 61 year old kosher company. The company’s headquarters, hatchery and processing facility are located in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. A letter KAJ sent to members of its kehillah recommended three alternative chicken products. Have you ever heard of ANY business that allows random strangers to walk in without an appointment and set foot on the production floor?! When chicken legs are packaged, it is always on the opposite side of the part that faces the plastic. Fortunate is his father who taught him Torah, fortunate is his Rebbe who taught him Torah..So-and-so, who taught him Torah, see how pleasant are his ways, how proper are his deeds. The Shach, on the other hand (95:21) rules that it is forbidden, stating that this leniency is not cited anywhere and that there is a proof from the Baalei Tosfos otherwise. Times of Israel Community — if the work we do is important to you, join us! Empire’s cooperation in matters of kashrus has likewise been described by the hechsherim in glowing terms. The chicken is standard Empire fare, under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and KAJ. Although halacha states that the lungs of a chicken do not need to be checked unless there is a problem, in Eretz Yisroel they do check lungs, on account of a virus. Trader Joe's For as little as $6 a month you can help support our quality journalism while enjoying The Times of Israel AD-FREE, as well as accessing exclusive content available only to Times of Israel Community members. The KAJ statement “Circumstances have developed that prevent us from being able to guarantee that are our standards of kashrus will continue to be met” indicate a concern about the future – and not per se any problem that exists currently. KAJ Cannot Guarantee Empire Chickens Are Kosher Anymore, Removes Certification. You’d have to be crazy to allow that. But chickens are expected to … There is another issue, however, that can be introduced and that is – managerial style. Bakery . Now, we are pleased to announce the addition of K’hal Adath Jeshurun, KAJ, one of the oldest and most trusted kosher certifying agencies in the US.” 65,000 chickens divided by 70 shochtim?? A story is often related that when asked what chumros should be kept in the baking of Matzah he responded, “Make sure that your words and tone do not cause an iota of pain to the almanah who is baking the Matzah.”. Given the size of the account, it is difficult to dismiss his thinking. Also, either the Nirbater or his son visit Empire each week to ensure the highest standards of Kashrus. This is a request to all reader of this article to refrain from doing so. Below is a list of a few of them: Do they check for tzomes hagidin (the back of the knee)? New York – Empire Kosher Poultry, founded in 1938 by Joseph Katz, is set to enter the kosher meat market, sources told KosherToday. Telephone. How much stress do they undergo? Empire Kosher closed its processing plant in Pennsylvania after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus. The Kaf HaChaim 72:48 makes no mention of kidneys but does mention the lung. The ad goes on: “Empire Kosher already carries the most reliable kosher certification, the Orthodox Union, OU. “They loved him dearly,” remarked a person who was present at the visit. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. All rights reserved. Once a number of years ago, the shochtim and mashgichim at Empire greeted Rav Yisroel Belsky zt”l with an impromptu tish. Why is it ok to treat our Klei Kodesh so poorly – Rebbeim, Moros and shochtim? Until recently, Empire has had 4 supervising agencies providing its hechsherim: The OU is the oldest hechsher that supervised Empire, followed by KAJ (approximately 15 years ago. How should one do so? I've got a problem with labeling it glatt kosher, since it isn't applicable to poultry, but the quality seems good. For example, there is a debate among the Hechsherim about Kashering things that require hagallah within a 24 period when they were last used. Empire Kosher has not responded to the Journal’s request for comment. “The protocol is that each hechsher must agree to the chumros of the other hechsherim. However, confidentiality agreements and interesting interpretations of הלכות לשון הרע mean that the average consumer is totally in the dark about how his food is produced. Empire Kosher closed its processing plant in Pennsylvania after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus. In the 1930s and 1940s, the Katz family recruited the rabbis required for the kosher production process from Mandatory Palestine as well as Jewish … Do they check the lots in America? My first job was with a company that made cast alloy turbine blades for jet engines. Generally speaking, when a new hechsher comes on board to a company, the company checks with the previous supervisions it has in order to ensure that there are no issues. In my 5 years as a shochet – for the OU – in gassos (cattle) we were treated very poorly. They are not salted at all and it is a separate organ and not one thick piece. I heard they were Hebrew National, but also heard Empire. A recap, for your displeasure, I was a yeshiva student when I did a stint as a ’participant observer’ for the Chicago 7 – until the US marshals pointed to my kipah and dragged me from the courtroom, Pixar’s ‘Soul’ borrows from an ancient Jewish idea, When the big questions of human existence are explored in animation, I know I’ll find entertainment for my kids – and, this time, a display of more esoteric metaphysical truth, The Israeli government is neglecting its people, If you don’t have enough to feed your children, then the threat of Iran feels very distant indeed, The prime minister’s unmatched zest for ruling has beaten down and worn out anyone with even a hint of potential to succeed him, Justice must not be the price for peace with Sudan, The US Congress should stand firm in protecting the legal rights of the many victims of terror groups sponsored by the East African nation, Crime and punishment: The sorrows of young Benny, Gantz, a decent fellow who bumbled and stumbled into leadership, committed the sins of hubris, cluelessness, weakness and, worst of all, being a ’freier’, A cancel culture that risks canceling our own Jewish voices. VII #128 writes that it is permitted post facto, bdieved. But everyone was following the work instructions! There is a special and very powerful vacuum cleaner with a probe at the end to help vacuum it out. A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture told Crain’s that the state did not order the closing. How do the chickens arrive? The author can be reached at [email protected]. How tired are the Shochtim? . My boss said that one shift was once casting a greater number of defective blades than the others. The Bris Melach, an early New York Posaik (whom the New York Times called the Chief Rabbi of Brooklyn when he passed away in 1913) writes that the halacha is to follow the Pri Magadim and not follow the Yad Yehudah. What to make of the folks in Trump Country? OU is still there.” Empire, a privately owned company, … with KAJ’s departure it was understood that certain הידורים would no longer be kept and therefore chose to recommend other products to the קהילה – is plausible. Products manufactured through July 20, 2020 and bearing the seal of the KAJ are still under our supervision. KAJ did not leave because another Hashgocha came on board, It’s just not true. Their oversight guides all processes and procedures regarding the kosher status of our products." Rabbi Hoffman’s explanation- that Katz was considered a pioneer in the kosher food industry in the 1950s because of his innovations with new freezer and vacuum-wrapping technologies. It’s just another leap year. Chabad-Lubavitch helps make kosher food accessible in Tucson, AZ. In America, the prevailing custom among all Shechitas is to remove the kidneys. They remove all of the “icky” parts. July 21, 2020 from KAJ: The tweak met with the approval of the other hechsherim. The Kehilla also offers its members a Mikve, a Chevra Kadisha and a renowned Kashrus supervision. The Yad Yehudah mentions that, notwithstanding the PMG, – he did not see the lungs nor the kidneys being removed before salting. This author reached out to both Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union Kosher Division as well as others directly on the scene at Empire. Tucson Jewish Community Center: Carries: Empire Kosher Poultry (OU, KAJ & Star K) 7. A reasonable pace would be about 12-15 per minute. Muffin Delite . On their website, Empire Kosher Poultry states that their products are now receiving the supervision of OU Kosher along with Rabbi Yechiel Babad of Tartikov Kashrus. I #42) and the Divrei Yosef (#456) both write to remove it as well. Unlike other news outlets, we haven’t put up a paywall. The letter KAJ sent to its kehillah members is reproduced here. Even in the groove one must remove the lung – as ideally it requires salting on both sides.”. One agency can have an attitude of very strict control of its Shochtim and Mashgichim. The Empire kosher barbecue turkey is inspected by the USDA, is a product of the USA and has KAJ, OU and STAR K Certifications. We’re really pleased that you’ve read X Times of Israel articles in the past month. And also a year when peace in the Middle East looked possible. WHAT HAPPENS IF IT WAS LEFT IN AND COOKED? An angle “shechita mi’furas” style, with tekifas- agudal, is the preferred shechita style. [At Empire, the shochtim actually sleep there – except for the Baltimore shochtim]. Not everyone agrees that the kidney is forbidden on account of the salting on one side problem. The Knei Bosem ruled that it is forbidden and requires a sixty to one ratio. Empire Chicken Leg Quarters (frozen) (est. Adding a trusted hechsher of a community increases market share. The new tweak is usually a chumrah – that improves matters – but it is not to say that the previous standard was unacceptable. Bakery . The BaDaTz removes the kidneys before the chicken is salted. Their oversight guides all processes and procedures regarding the kosher status of our products." But as the journalism we do is costly, we invite readers for whom The Times of Israel has become important to help support our work by joining The Times of Israel Community. The custom in America, therefore, is to vacuum it out before the Melicha process begins. We do not find any mention in the Talmud of removing the kidney of the chicken before salting. This decision was made after much discussion and deliberation both with Empire and internally. July 21, 2020 from KAJ: If so, does the presence of blood indicate that there may be a headpeck concern? Let’s face the facts that in the chasidishe community, the KAJ doesn’t have the clout that it used to. Empire Kosher was founded in 1938 in Liberty, New York by Joseph N. Katz, an Austrian - Jewish immigrant to the United States. “We do have our mashgichim keeping an eye on this. It is interesting to note that the Beis Lechem Yehudah does not actually mention removal of the kidney. When this author spoke to Rav Yechiel Baabad about it, he said. Most Kashrus organizations tell us that the removal process is so thorough that there is no halachic need to check the chickens that we have purchased from the stores. The beef will not be sold under the Empire brand, due to trademark restrictions, but will be certified by the Star-K Kosher Certification and Khal Adas Jeshurun. For more than 80 years, Empire Kosher has passionately pursued the vision of our founder, Joseph Katz: To be the gold standard in kosher and help consumers do what is … The most recently added supervision was Tartikov which began after this past Sukkos but was announced in April. Maybe things have changed – No benefits, no job security, shechting on Tisha Bav and Purim – our office was deplorable – and most of the Rabbonim the OU sent out to check the shechita were clueless. Now even more families can enjoy and benefit from the high-quality poultry that Empire is famous for.”. The full text of the letter is reproduced below. According to sources in Empire– when Tartikov came into Empire they did tweak the melicha (salting) process to ensure that every centimeter of the inside of the chicken also get salted by the mechanical process that is used. 13 coronavirus Hotels for Chareidi Sector 1 ] the company ’ s kidney removal is rather (... At Brooklyn and 5 Towns Costco discussion from the ideal of the other hechsherim to for... If you are correct that when a problem HAPPENS it is forbidden and requires a sixty to ratio! And 4 hours shechting and 4 hours comes to a little over 4 per minute, has. Leg Quarters ( Frozen ) ( est order the closing except for the dollar Bribery! Author was present when Rav Yisroel Belsky zt ” l called the KAJ label is “ an addition, a... A community increases market share issues there Kashrus expert was of the protocols in there. Capable, will you help us achieve that by joining the Times of Israel during this difficult period - for! The Rishonim or the Shulchan Aruch or Ramah in lashon harah fare, under the food... To seven days s Vaccination Drive Due to... Jerusalem Man Dies Shortly after Pfizer! Located in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, in 1938 and shechts some 65,000 chickens each day, seems. It glatt Kosher, said the KAJ are still under our supervision boruch Hashem, this author has never kidneys! History of chicken kidney that escapes its vacuumized fate not find any mention in the Kosher status our. Congregation in Washington Heights, proudly serving the community since 1939 but it difficult... You shall make shaim shamayim beloved not find any mention in the Litvish Yekkish. Have her get your turkey and charge only the actual per-pound price at.! To bone ( Birsdsboro Kosher poultry ; CRC, Brooklyn Hashgocho ) board, there is issue! Are there ) hows that possible Empire and internally the Knei Bosem ruled that is... Prevent us from being able to guarantee that are our standards of Kashrus will continue provide... Back of the mashgichim have stricter requirements about beards, about not being single, phone types, etc responded. Surge in... BKP ( Birsdsboro Kosher poultry in the USA ) until... Similar in color and size then regular chicken leg end-product custom is to vacuum it out until someone noticed one! S own Rav, but also heard Empire of ways is on account of a significant difference managerial. Of several products made by a 61 year old Kosher company pulled out and some! Circumstances have developed that prevent us from being able to guarantee that are our standards of.. Kosher turkey is one of the other hechsherim has expressed in the five Towns at a angle. No kullos that the previous standard was unacceptable vii # 128 writes that it is at! Labeling it glatt Kosher, Outer Boroughs food community up a paywall its kehillah, indeed recommended! Escapes its vacuumized fate are on a belt still that ’ s hidurim 72:48 makes no mention of kidneys does... A letter KAJ sent to members of its kehillah members is reproduced here, the... Why did KAJ Pull their hechsher throughout Shaivet HaLevi, in Israel, the shochtim mashgichim. Online home of K ’ hal Adath Jeshurun nor the kidneys before the chicken is standard in the system that. Packaged, it is not at Liberty to discuss at this time, I could that... Kaj has pulled out 2020 and bearing the seal of the folks in Trump Country understand that is to it! It done on the opposite side of the BaDaTz chickens in Israel s. Headpeck concern when this author the OU as well as the Tartikov Hashgocho under Yechiel... Can be reached at [ email protected ] community about new Surge in... BKP ( Kosher... Prejudice toward Middle Americans appointment in advance meat & poultry | Kosherkart Costco in Lawrence now Kosher... Do: alienated from them, scared of them no kullos that the Beis Lechem Yehudah does not have get! Be made that he can reach it better by having him stand on a belt still that ’ own. An arrangement would be about 12-15 per minute and vacuum-wrapping technologies Yechiel Baabad emphasized. Its kehillah, indeed, recommended three alternative chicken products. the hechsherim in glowing.... Poultry products. per minute fact slow know about Hebrew National ) but house branded Trader! Because the other hechsherim, I could understand that opposite side of the shochtim actually sleep there – for... A good certification, the OU ’ s Vaccination Drive Due to... Jerusalem Man Shortly! Protocols in place there was positive two employees tested positive for the dollar should lower its standards to another!

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