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The Sprinter took off to a strong start back in 1995, when it received the International Van of the Year award. It’s the van that hauls cargo, stows gear and raises standards. My 2 cents is that one also must consider the discrepancy in the price of diesel and gas. These vintage style vans offer tried and tested layouts, many with a pop-top, built-in bed, and a built-in kitchen. Sprinter: Mercedes vs. They’re available in both a 144″ and 170″ wheelbase for different size options. Seats total of 6 passengers including driver. Growing up in a family of eight kids, I learned how to drive in a 10-seat Ford Econoline van. Buy from Home: Have your vehicle delivered to you and complete your paperwork at home. It's available in three wheelbases-118.0 inches, … Search from 810 Used Mercedes-Benz Van / Minivans for sale, including a 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 2500 170", a 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170", and a 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 144". We have fixed and vented windows for all years and models (cargo, passenger, crew) of North American Sprinter vans from C.R Laurence, whether your Sprinter is a 2002-2006 Sprinter or a 2007+ Sprinter van model. See hi-res pictures, compare prices and find your perfect car at Thanks for sharing your experience. I test drove a 2018. In contrast to the 2wd Transit and Sprinter, the Promaster is front-wheel drive which provides more traction but isn’t as nimble or responsive as rear-wheel drive. The Ford also has the tallest interior height option for those of you over 6 feet tall. Check out this blog post:, For weekend and part-time adventurers, small vans are worth considering too! As a Sprinter van dealership, we exclusively sell and service new and pre-owned Sprinter vans available for various purposes. Because the computer on these Sprinters is so complicated, most regular mechanics won’t touch them, leaving the dealer as your only option when you have an issue. AdChoices. They are significantly less gas efficient than the 2wd version. Some have even been converted to 4 wheel drive and these are extremely off-road capable. WAYFARER. Am I confusing something else? W350. Nissan came with more power and a couple of 120 volt inverters built in. 2’7″ and 2’9″ on the sprinter’s roof heights. Limp home mode has little to no turbocharger pressure and vastly… Dodge Sprinter Cargo in Addison, IL 7.00 listings starting at $2,995.00 Dodge Sprinter Cargo in Auburn, WA 3.00 listings starting at $12,833.00 Dodge Sprinter Cargo in Charlotte, NC 1.00 listings Dodge Sprinter Cargo in Chattanooga, TN 1.00 listings starting at $8,999.00 Dodge Sprinter Cargo in Cincinnati, OH 1.00 listings starting at $9,995.00 The van was only available in Europe for several years, until the North American Sprinter debuted in 2001 (originally branded by Dodge … Promaster has a wide enough body to take a queen sized bed sideways. W. W100. Now, onto another popular option, the Dodge Promaster. I have 6’x12′ by 6’3″ clearance and only 20′ long. For Dodge Sprinter vehicles that are older than ten years, there are no codes available. Thank you for sharing that, Bill! So you want to buy a van and convert it into a home? Sprinters are expensive to begin with, but the 4×4 upgrade comes with an even heftier price tag and a couple of its own pros and cons to consider. While we’ve covered the most common vehicle types that are used for camper van conversions, you are really only limited by your creativity. VICTORY. I would add, lift kits are available for the Transit and Promaster for less than $3k (installed) to address the clearance issue. It’s the van that’s ready for anything, wherever your work or your lifestyle takes you. Power IQS and APEAL Studies in the same year. However, programming is … The van was only available in Europe for several years, until the North American Sprinter debuted in 2001 (originally branded by Dodge … The stock Sprinter suspension isn’t really made for off-roading, so if that’s something you want to do in your 4×4 Sprinter, you’ll likely want to consider the additional cost of a. The new all-wheel drive model is only available with a gas engine, not diesel. And now Dodge has a version, too. Dodge is the first domestic brand to rank highest among mass-market brands in both the J.D. Hi Joanne – you can see the full tour of Kristen’s van at, I’d love to see how you designed your van. In this lesson, we’ll talk about some of the most common types of vans out there and the pros and cons of each for van life. They get good gas mileage for a vehicle of their size (20+ mpg for the 2 wheel drive option, 13-16 mpg in the 4×4 option). The only situation where I can see the gas engine being an advantage is if you plan to drive down to Central and South America. Lakewood, WA This is a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 cargo van with 140 long wheelbase. The downside of a gas model is gas engines simply don’t last as long as diesel. All that being said, I’ve not had a chance to drive either in the snow or mud. Parts are easy to come by and if you break down in a small rural town, your chances of having it easily fixed (without costing a fortune) are much greater than with a Sprinter. We analyze millions of used cars daily. Asking for $40K OBO. The van that goes the extra mile. Mercedes did a great job marketing their “4×4” Sprinter; however, it’s just an AWD system with an open differential as I understand it. We will cover exactly what that means and potential fixes for it below. The cylinders on the Sprinter are numbered from #1-6 in the following order (1, 2, 3 are passenger side; 4, 5, 6 are driver side): For reference, the following picture shows the general location of the glow plugs, the fuel filter and the turbo resonator. However, programming is necessary. The Dodge takes 4 months to build right now. Get 2005 Dodge Sprinter values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. WM300 : Please check Dodge SPRINTER car parts catalog for additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle. And Nissan is no longer selling their big van. They are available in diesel, which means a 400k+ mile lifetime. Today we do some do it yourself repairs/maintenance on our 2012 Mercedes Sprinter Van. W300. That’s a great point and those vans are great options too. It’s the van that’s more than a van, because it’s also a Mercedes-Benz. Two engines are offered, including a V-6 diesel with a considerable 325 lb-ft of torque, … We cover popular panel style vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Dodge Promaster, as well as the VW and budget-friendly cargo style vans. from what i’ve seen, a converted van with lots of rear weight and the approporiate tires should fair well in snowy and icy conditions (granted probably not so well on forrest roads). They are expensive off the bat and are expensive to maintain. W150. So, an automotive locksmith is your only option to get a replacement key. Finally, for anyone purchasing a Sprinter, I highly recommend the extended warranty. For other opinions, I’ll share some links in the resources section at the end of this lesson for you to explore. Gasoline engines are simple by comparison and gasoline is an identical product anywhere in the world. You can search Dodge SPRINTER parts by VIN number. @Linda, any concerns wuth 2WD if the van will be used for getting to ski destinations with maintained roads? Traded my daily driver RAV4 for a Promaster City and couldn’t be happier, even if my friends think I’m a creeper for driving a white panel van . It is too heavy and too ugly. With all that said, I’ve been very impressed with the performance of my 4 wheel drive Sprinter and would choose to get the 4×4 upgrade if I were to get another one. There are tons of used vans out there, and some people rave about the Dodge Sprinter vans being some of the most reliable for van life. Used Dodge Sprinters in San Francisco, CA. WAYFARER. I have owned Econolines with well over 200k that were doing just fine. Buy CARFAX Canada. The Sprinter took off to a strong start back in 1995, when it received the International Van of the Year award. They are fully customizable. It's available in three wheelbases-118.0 inches, … Save $3,877 on a used Dodge Sprinter Cargo near you. These include the Mercedes Sprinter, the Ford Transit, and the Dodge Promaster. With the Dodge Sprinter, P0101 means the the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor has a Range/Performance problem. Popular Now. SEE YOUR VEHICLE'S TRADE-IN VALUE Find out how much your current vehicle is worth from the independent Kelley Blue Book (KBB). While I’m no fan of Ford, their AWD system seems to be a better option on paper – with available limited-slip diff and true 50/50 distribution of power. To give you a quick summary, for full-time living, I’ve been very happy with the 170” wheelbase. We will cover exactly what that means and potential fixes for it below. TrueCar does not broker, sell, or lease motor vehicles. (search “WINTER SPRINTER VAN: Helpful Tips For Driving A 2WD Sprinter Van On Snow And Ice” on youtube for primary reference). The 4×4 Sprinter has a 4″ higher clearance than the standard 2 wheel drive Sprinter (and there’s even more clearance with the 2019 model). I went with a Promaster for several reasons. Get 2005 Dodge Sprinter values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. Leave a comment below and make sure to sign up for course updates! Compared to the other panel vans, Sprinters have a higher payload than the Transit or the Promaster, which means it can handle more weight in the interior of the van. In recent years, panel type vans have taken off as the van of choice among van lifers. Mercedes offers 21 variations of the Sprinter cargo van and 10 versions of the passenger van. It’s the van that’s ready for anything, wherever your work or your lifestyle takes you. Now let’s talk about some of these panel type vans for van life and the major differences between them, starting with the Sprinter Van. Sprinter uses fiberglass pods to try to create a wide space for a sideways bed in the Revel and I don’t imagine they are insulated. I’ve had a few minor things here and there, but nothing major. Thanks so much for sharing that. Fuel efficient eco-diesel model gets 20+ miles to the gallon. They are easier to service than Sprinters. Sydney Ferbrache of Divine on the Road was on a mission to find a good deal on a Sprinter van camper. In the tall roof models, you can stand up inside (unless you are taller than 6’5”, then you might have trouble). It really depends. The 2009 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van is pricey and not very fuel efficient, though this doesn’t seem to bother most owners. This site is dedicated to assembling the best of accessories for the Dodge - Freightliner - Mercedes Benz Sprinter on offer. Learn more about the 2005 Dodge Sprinter.

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