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Rainy Lake Fishing - Help Needed Since it's unlikely we will be able to fish Canada this year, my brother and I would like to try fishing for walleye, bass, and pike on Rainy Lake this spring or summer. With lakeside views, private swimming beaches, fire pits, docks and more, these rentals are truly homes away from home. Will be staying on the Minnesota side, east of I-Falls about 6 miles. Rainy Lake - Hot spots I'm heading up to Rainy for the week of June 21st. If you wish, our Rainy Lake guide service can show you the best deep water structure or shoreline points to target for some awesome walleye action. Spring or fall is the best time to come and catch crappies with Camp Narrows. Additionally they will frequent weedbeds and bays in shallower, fertile lakes. Rainy Lake’s walleye fishing is some of the best found in Canada. Activity awaits around every island and hidden cove, from swimming and fishing to hiking and late-night camp fires. Only four can be walleye and any walleye between 18 and 26 inches must be released immediately. The structure of the lake makes it ideal walleye habitat which consists of deep drop offs, sunken reefs, gravel shoals, and long healthy weed lines. It funnels from Rainy Lake to Lake of the Woods, joining two fantastic fisheries together. Inland waters in Minnesota close on February 28, Border waters extended season runs from March 1 through April 14, Rainy River spring season regulation allows Catch and Release only, Rainy Lake has an 8 fish "Keeper" limit. Campfire Island located on Rainy Lake offers trophy smallmouth bass and trophy walleye fishing. During daytime hours, walleye can often be found in deeper water over rocks and in weedy cover. Walleye prefer stained waters in the 60 to 70 degree temperature range, and prefer a hard bottom substrate that is comprised of rock and gravel. The limit is one fish per day and a possession limit of 4. Within minutes away from Camp Narrows, you can fish for trophy Ontario walleye. The structure of the north arm of Rainy Lake is ideal bass habitat. International Falls, Rainy Lake and Ranier Convention and Visitors Bureau. Walleye are a schooling fish, so it’s a good idea to throw out a marker once the first fish is caught. Our prime location with over 1,500 feet of lakeshore offers a captivating view of Rainy Lake extending miles before you over vast waters offering fantastic walleye, smallmouth bass, crappie, muskie, and northern pike fishing. Smallmouth bass fishing on Rainy Lake is truly an avid fisherman’s outdoor adventure. Regulations allow you to keep 8 walleye or sauger. I know We welcome you to come and experience some premium Ontario walleye fishing. During the months of May and June, walleye head to Rainy Lake’s shallower waters. Rainy River and Rainy Lake offer a special opportunity for walleye anglers! Navigate to the lake’s bays, shallow shores or rivers and you will encounter schools of fish basking in these warmer waters.Walleye experience metabolism increases when the weather heat… As one of the premier fishing lakes in the Midwest, savvy anglers have praised Rainy Lake’s fast-paced fishing action throughout every season. Our guides can outfit duck hunts that fit all your needs. Fall Fishing Rainy River Walleyes It is that time of the year. We only offer 12 bear hunts per year, guaranteeing a large annual population of trophy bears in our area. On Rainy Lake, you are allowed to keep some fish. On whichever waterway they’re caught from, a traditional shore lunch awaits! Rainy Lake has proven to be a walleye factory over the years with plenty of eating size fish plus lots of hard fighting walleyes over 20 inches. Popular with those who plan to spend all day on the lake, then return to clean, comfortable rooms for a good night’s sleep in order to repeat the same schedule the following day. Camp Narrows Lodge offers you the opportunity to experience a unique outdoor fishing and hunting adventure at a boat-in resort, located in beautiful northwestern Ontario. Falls River and Pipestone River from Stokes Bay of Rainy Lake upstream to first rapids. Rainy Lake is one of the better walleye fishing lakes in the state of Minnesota and the fishing is usually even better for walleye on the Canadian side. Open year-round, hotels and motels are gathering places for snowmobile enthusiasts who take advantage of the area’s winter climate to explore miles of wilderness trails. Rainy Lake, Ontario’s walleye fishing is some of the best found in Canada. Never fished it before. Staying up at La Belle’s Birch Point Camp on Rainy Lake, Bob has his niece Katie with him as he teaches her how to fish for walleye. Walleye fishing on Rainy Lake As Canadian whitetail hunting outfitters, we strive to do our best to keep you in the prime areas for your trophy opportunity. Gold spoons The … Catch and release fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass is open year round unless otherwise noted. Thanks to the smelt population, truly slab crappies in the 10 – 19 inch range can be caught right in front of the resort. Bass fishermen love our neck of the woods. With room to spread out – think full-size kitchens, multiple bedrooms and airy common rooms – as well as a plethora of activities, rentals are perfect for family getaways and reunions. FISHING RAINY LAKE GENERALLY Rainy Lake has developed a reputation as one of the premier fishing lakes in the upper Midwest. Although walleye fishing at Rainy Lake is exceptionally good throughout the year, late spring and early summer are when these fish practically jump into the boat. Rainy Lake does offer some good ice fishing, however, we highly recommend finding an outfitter that caters to ice fishing out there. That indicates ice conditions are favorable for fishing on Rainy Lake. The structure of the lake makes it ideal walleye habitat which consists of deep drop offs, sunken reefs, gravel shoals, and long weed lines. Located approximately 10-15 miles from Rainy Lake, hotels and motels can be more economical options. The district boasts a number of top-knotch fishing tournaments, fishing camps & resorts, as well as catering to avid local fishermen and women. Below are their rates for full-day and half-day trips. Most have restaurants either on-site or next door, and many offer jacuzzi suites and other premium options such as an indoor pool. In-fisherman magazine named Rainy Lake as the No. Or at the very least, go out there with someone who knows what they are doing. If you follow Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, have probably heard the fall bite is on! This year with things in flux we will be up mid july. Motor Trolling is allowed with up to 3 hooks, baits, or lures, per angler. However, it is possible to catch fish surpassing 10 pounds from most Ontario waters. As always using electronics to spot fish is the key. Rainy Lake’s northern pike fishing is some of the best in Northwest Ontario. The structure of the lake makes it ideal walleye habitat which consists of deep drop offs, sunken reefs, gravel shoals, and long weed lines. Some anglers prefer to troll using spinners, spoons, and deep-running crankbaits. Either guided or unguided, we will make sure your Ontario Walleye fishing vacation will be one to remember. Although this is one of the best times to fish for most species, the primary game is walleye, Minnesota’s state fish. 1 small mouth bass fishery in North America. Rainy Lake is a premier fishing destination for Fort Frances residents and tourists alike. RAINY LAKE We're glad that you decided to stop by for a visit! Hire a fishing Guide with strong guiding experience. Whether you're looking to land bass, walleye, or a monster muskie, you've come to the right place. Average size on most Ontario waters is between 1.5 and 3 pounds. We also prefer that you release all of the trophies measuring 35.5″ and above. Camp Narrows Lodge boasts fully modern, deluxe facilities. Many fishermen return year after year to relax and enjoy a landscape virtually untouched by modern man. Walleye are prolific breeders in Ontario and scatter their eggs at random. Then, one of the easiest and most effective tactics is to drift and jig just off bottom over likely cover until you locate a school. This promotes the harvest of eater size fish and keeps big ones swimming in the lake. Our lodge is in operation from May to October. Walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky and crappie are all present in large numbers. Within minutes of the lodge, you can fish for trophy Ontario walleye. But houseboats are also a great choice for other groups and couples as well. Rainy Lake has turned into an incredible Trophy walleye lake. You, Enjoy a quiet get-away with your fishing buddies. With hundreds of islands, bays, and reefs, Rainy Lake boasts some of the best fishing anywhere. The structure of the north arm of Rainy Lake is ideal for smallmouth fishing. Once located, casting to the school can be quite productive. Enjoy our unbeatable combination of first-rate accommodations and excellent fishing and hunting. Each fall, there is a run of emerald shiners up the Rainy River that flows into Lake of the Woods. Minnesota Waters Fishing Regulation Summary Walleye and Sauger Lake of the Woods (May 9, 2020 – April 14, 2021) The Walleye/Sauger aggregate limit is six (no more than four can be Walleye). Camp Ontario on Rainy Lake Camp Ontario Fishing We’re located in the center of the northern arm of Rainy lake, Situated on 25 acres atop High Rock Island. The Rainy River district of Northwestern Ontario has miles of unspoiled wilderness to hunt trophy whitetail bucks. While some of these homes are located on islands, many on the mainland are available throughout the year, providing 4-seasons of outdoor fun. We have a slot size on Rainy Lake. Campfire Island located on Rainy Lake offers trophy smallmouth bass and trophy walleye fishing. Our catch-and-release policy on smallmouth bass will ensure that Rainy Lake’s North Arm will continue to have a world-class bass fishery. We have a world-class fishery for bronzebacks in our lakes so be prepared for some fast-action angling spring through fall. Plan Now for Epic Fall Fishing on the Rainy River There is a tradition many anglers in the north country look forward to. Regulations vary by specific zones and waters throughout Ontario. Camp Narrows Lodge, Northwest Ontario's Best Kept Secret, A Unique Outdoor Fishing and Hunting Adventure at a Boat-in Resort, Kick Back and Relax in Our Comfortable Cabins, Unforgettable Northwest Ontario Fishing Vacations, Rainy Lake’s Smallmouth Fishery is Rated Amongst the World’s Best, Rainy Lake’s Walleye Fishing is the Best in Canada, Rainy Lake, Rated One of the Best Pike Destinations in North America, Spring or Fall, Rainy Lake Crappie Fishing is Awesome, Trophy Black Bear Hunting in Ontario, Canada, Ontario Moose Hunting, Single Tag Issued Annually, World Class Fishing in an Unspoiled Wilderness Landscape, Walleye Shore Lunches, Available Fresh Daily, Catch Trophy Walleye on Rainy Lake, Year Round, Walleye Fishermen Love our Neck of the Woods, Catch & Release Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Rainy Lake, Experience Rainy Lake's Incredible Bass Fishing, Camp Narrows Lodge Promoting Northern Pike Conservation, Ontario Pike Fishing on Rainy Lake Can't Be Beat. You will find the ultimate in relaxation in our clean and comfortable cabins. The best fishing is still done within minutes of the lodge, however, as north arm of the lake has some of the best fishing in North America. An evening fish fry is one of the many rewards found on Rainy Lake. The lake is currently a hot spot for sport and recreational fishing of fish such as walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth and smallmouth bass, which are all considered excellent freshwater sportfish, and hunting for deer, bear, and an assortment of waterfowl species. From late spring through early summer, good numbers of walleye will be found in the shallows, so you can catch a lot of walleye along the shorelines. Anybody have any suggestions. Camp Narrows lodge hosts 1 moose hunt annually. Fishing parties will appreciate having a floating home base to return to, while everyone will enjoy exploring Rainy Lake up close. On Rainy Lake you will find yourself surrounded by acres and acres of unspoiled wilderness. Sturgeon are catch and release only. As border water, it’s open to walleye fishing until mid-April on the US side, making it the perfect destination to target those pre-spawn walleye. Rainy Lake’s walleye fishing is some of the best found in Canada. As you read through these newsletters, you will see that the size of the Rainy Lake walleye is truly impressive --- and as you view the pictures in the photo gallery, keep in mind that all these walleye were caught using artificial bait. Others specialize in the delicate jigging presentations with livebaits or artificials, or casting with minnowbaits and plugs. The shiners Regulations allow you to keep 8 walleye or sauger. Rainy Lake is one of the last lakes in the country to thaw, which means that, come spring, everyone has a serious case of ice-out fever that reaches its peak May 12 with the Minnesota fishing opener. If the walleye aren't keeping you entertained, keep a hook out for huge Lake Sturgeon in the river. Ontario is walleye country, where anglers can find these prized game fish province-wide in abundance and with frequency. Rainy Lake has turned into an incredible trophy walleye lake due to excellent habitat and abundant protein-rich forage species. All anglers must release all northern pike between 27.5″ and 35.5″ . Rainy Lake’s smallmouth bass is some of the best in Northern Ontario, if not North America. Although I have fished Rainy at other times of the year, I definitely prefer the mid-lake reef bite that occurs in July. Please follow all Ontario fishing regulations and keep fishing enjoyable for everyone. The best fishing is enjoyed within minutes of the lodge, however, as north arm of the lake has some of the best fishing in North America. Located in Northwestern Ontario, Camp Narrows Lodge, is one of the premier resorts on the Lake. We have a slot size on Rainy Lake that is between 13 ¾ – 17 ¾ inches. Please note: Rainy Lake has a slot size on walleye. Camp Narrows Lodge, combined with Rainy Lake’s clean clear waters, has become the avid fisherman’s dream walleye fishing location. Rainy Lake is an exceptional walleye fishery with options for targeting walleyes during all seasons. At 345 square miles wide (894 km), Rainy Lake straddles the border between the United States and Canada. Phone for details,1-866-294-5067. Rainy Lake’s northern pike fishing is some of the best found in Canada. Rainy Lake is the Walleye Fishing Capital of Minnesota. Before visiting Camp Narrows, order or renew your fishing outdoors card, and buy your Ontario fishing or license tags. Our catch-and-release policy on smallmouth bass will ensure that Rainy Lake’s North Arm will continue to have a world-class bass fishery. Camp Narrows is located on the prime migration routes for puddle and diver ducks. (4 Walleye / 4 Sauger), Walleye on Rainy River are making their way to their spawning grounds. Details: Black Crappie with a Live Bait or PowerBait, ect. The carpeted floors, electric lights, and hot and cold running water make our cabins feel like the perfect home away from home. Walleye from 19.5 through 28 I have been coming to rainy lake since I was born, and have always had a passion for the pre july 4th fishing in the bays and try to make it up at or before that to enjoy. Northwest Ontario’s Rainy Lake is well known for it’s great walleye fishing. Moose hunt for sale. With all the comforts of home coupled with the adventure of boat living, houseboat trips are perfect for families with members of all ages. Please adhere to regulations for your specific waters through your purchase of an Ontario Sport Fishing License or Conservation License for resident and non-resident anglers. For starters, Rainy River is situated on the border of Ontario and Minnesota. Bring portable ice fishing gear! Dining on the Deck Sha Sha serves up both lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Walleye range extends throughout Ontario, making them the most abundant gamefish species in the province. Camp Narrows Lodge boasts fully modern, deluxe facilities. Camp Narrows Lodge offers great opportunities for guided or semi-guided trophy black bear hunting. Fishing on Rainy Lake is fantastic! Depth of fish depends on the day but most recently walleyes have been caught in as shallow as 17 feet and as deep as 35, with the 26 foot range being the most consistent. Weekly Fishing Tip: August 12 Fish the “FISH” not the “SPOT.” Seasoned Rainy Lake walleye anglers understand that deep water reef fishing is a game of hide and seek. Ramps closed? The exceptional fishing at Rainy Lake may be the best kept secret in the state of Minnesota. Our Captains would be happy to show you and your friends how to catch trophy Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass. The slot size, combined with the abundant smelt forage, has turned Rainy Lake into a true trophy lake for northern pike. Each fall, the Rainy River experiences a right of nature, a tradition of sorts for outdoors minded anglers who don’t mind fall fishing in chilly fall temperatures for the chance at a walleye of a lifetime. Rainy Lake features thousands of islands, bays, and reefs over 225,000 acres of sky blue waters. Only four can be walleye and any walleye between 18 and 26 inches must be released immediately. Rainy Lake Walleye Fishing Information Rainy Lake has turned into an incredible trophy walleye lake due to excellent habitat and abundant protein-rich forage species. We are able to accommodate small groups of two all the way up to a party of forty. Get ready to reel in some big fish, snap a few photos and release those breeders back into the river. Casting with crankbaits, trolling almost anything, and even fly fishing for pike are very effective ways to fish Rainy Lake. Rainy Lake has some of the best walleye fishing because of it’s. To fish or hunt in Ontario, most people need a valid licence. #onlyinMN, Nelson Park at Birchdale is a popular launch spot, Carry-in access at Manitou Rapids near the Indus School, Ramp on the Big Fork River near Reedy Flats, Ramp at Kuttes Landing at Pelland Junction. © 2019 Camp Narrows LodgeRainy Lake, Ontario. The majority of the walleyes being caught these days is jig fishing with a jig and minnow. Walleye spawn following ice-out along windblown rocky, gravel shorelines, as well as creek and river inlets with hard bottom and moderate gradient. You Rainy Lake offers a world-class fishery for walleye, small mouth bass, crappie, and northern pike. Located on the border of Minnesota and Ontario, Rainy Lake slab crappies are at the end of their northern range. Baudette – Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River Ice fishing is in full swing on Lake of the Woods, with good numbers of walleye and sauger being caught. If you are looking for an awesome outdoor adventure, Ontario pike fishing can’t be beat. Ontario deer hunting, has become very popular with hunters of all types. NOTE: Regulations listed below may not reflect fish species actually found in the lake. All the facilities at Camp Narrows are fully modernized and offer a panoramic view of Northwest Bay. Be sure to have a camera ready, because the Sturgeon pulled in from Rainy River may be the largest fish you will ever catch, to keep some fish. The Ontario record is 22.25lbs. Camp Narrows now has 1 bull moose gun tag. Book Your Northwest Ontario Fishing and Hunting Vacation Today! Most of the ice fishing is taking place in 23- 27 feet of water. Most walleyes appear to be holding on main lake reefs and some of the break lines that lead out into main lake basins. Camp Narrows Lodge, on Rainy Lake offers hunters an incredible unguided or guided duck or Canada goose hunting outfitters package.

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