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You will have three attempts to take this test, so if you didn't pass the first time, we encourage you to try again. Language Line. If you still have any test attempts left, you are welcome to try again. Pass our Pro qualification test to unlock access to more challenging projects at higher reward rates. The test is designed to mimic the kind of work submitted by our customers on the platform. The Pre-test; The Translation Test; Frequently Asked Questions . Target language-grammar Formatting and punctuation Translation tips Your test will be reviewed by one of our Language Specialists, who are professional translators and native speakers … If you submit a machine translation, we always know. The moment the test reviewer spots 1 Critical error, over 1 Medium error or more than 3 Low errors, they will stop reviewing the test and reject it. The feedback system can be used as a crash course on translation to boost your skills. Choose the answer that most accurately translates the question text. A “low” error has a low impact on the overall translation. Read the Style Guide now if you haven’t already! This is a people-powered translation platform for 24,000+ translators from … Gengo uses the concept of “low,” “medium” and “critical” to divide errors based on their severity, and decide whether to approve or reject a test. When applying to jobs here you will work with both Lionbridge and Gengo recruiters. I received the initial translation quickly, which I then passed to a Czech agent to double check. In an academic context, an examiner will look through an applicant’s submission in its entirety and give that person an overall grade based on their performance. Here are some examples: We differentiate some languages by region/country (e.g., Spanish (Spain) vs. Spanish (Latin America)). As it's not possible to add any formatting to the tests (bold, italics, non-breaking spaces, etc.) 2. The Pro-level test authorizes you to work at the Pro level, and the proofreading test gives you the ability to proofread your fellow translators’ work. In January 2019 Lionbridge acquired Gengo, and we have now completed our end-to-end solution for AI Recruitment. Guest • May 2020 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree Agree; Commercial $ $ $ Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Gengo is a translation service while Crowdin is a translation platform. You've read the Test Instructions, Test Expectations and Style Guide and you're ready to take your first test? Take the test seriously and don’t make any mistakes. In the rare case that you encounter a system error and your test submission is negatively affected, send us a support ticket immediately to let us know. Gengo provides fast, affordable, and high quality translation services in all major languages by 1000s of certified translators worldwide. This is not an actual language pair, but a first step to adapt our system to a wide range of tasks to offer more work to our translators, not necessarily restricted to translation work (see. For many translators, Gengo is a source of extra income that can be earned in their spare time. Our duty is not to educate or to find the hidden talents of test applicants. Gengo has never been amazing, but they truly get worse and worse every year. Results. The pay is awful, the managers and senior translators are arrogant and the test expectations (especially "pro" and higher) are absolutely ridiculous, especially considering the pay. You need to pay special attention to detail. Recently ordered a translation from English to Czech from Gengo. Click on the "Start" button to begin the pre-test. Many people who have tried this firm prior to us published what we call “MyGengo translation” reviews. - Poor policing of Senior Translators. This type of error does not significantly change the meaning of the translation. We've temporarily turned off testing for your pair. Before you can take the Standard or Pro tests, the pre-test is the first step you need to clear. Later down the line, you can take the pro and proofreading test. Gengo uses the concept of “low,” “medium” and “critical” to divide errors based on their severity, and decide whether to approve or reject a test. I'm not an expert, by any means, but there are plenty of questions where all 5 answers are pretty bad given the source text, … Don’t try to cheat our system. IMPORTANT: You don't need to choose your language pair again from the menus. A “medium” error is a noticeable error, including a misrepresentation of the source or a clearly ungrammatical rendering of the target. I guess I should probably move on and try to find somewhere else to get translation experience, as the pre-test seems pretty flawed to me. We understand this can be frustrating, however the validity of our tests is vital to us and our translator network. To pass, a test submission should have 0 Critical errors, no more than 1 Medium error or 3 Low errors. After you finish, you will immediately receive your result. Please note that we expect our translators to be native speakers of their target language. Above all, it's a great opportunity to learn and hone your language skills while being paid to do so, and you can work out of the home! Translation rules and preferences. At Gengo, translation payments are automatically added to your account. Gengo is something of a crowd-based translation platform. If you score between 5 and 6, your translations will be reviewed more often, and if you fall below 5, Gengo will revoke your qualifications. A functioning page is a must: if translators can’t do their jobs, customers are negatively impacted as well. If you tried taking a translator test from the test page, but you couldn't find your language pair, it means one of three things: 1. Gengo Translation Reviews. However, we never approve a test containing a “critical” error, or more than one “medium” error. In this case, I've selected German to Swedish. I want to be a translator but I have a customer account. You must answer at least 4 out of 5 answers correctly to pass. Try Translator Support or the Community Forum. We carry out translator testing because it gives our customers a dependable service. We studied them thoroughly, and from what was established, a concept on which company operates is a good one, but Gengo applies it so poorly that bad results are inevitable. If a translator is unable to complete a job for any reason, the job is re-posted and, in some cases, retains the previous translator's work. Jobs are posted to a "board," and then the first translator to claim the job has the right to see it through.

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