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Anamile Guerra is a pet owner and entrepreneur with a passion for the well being of pets and animals. The aroma will help keep fleas and ticks away. Herbs - There are quite a few … Also, I have purchased human-grade Diatomaceous earth which I plan to sprinkle lightly about. All natural. What are your thoughts about heart worm medications? I’ve tried walking my dog after bathing with dawn and somehow they still find their way back on her. How to Use Essential Oils as Flea and Tick Repellent. Lynne kelly cooper, thanks for your post. Add 5-10 drops of … You can also add a few drops of Neem oil to your dogs shampoo to repel fleas and ticks. There is food grade & non food grade, both work. make sure is all cedar not a mixture. My dogs get edgy with certain essential oils. No issues now, but spring is almost here & we are in dry, hot central valley of CA. Tick and flea collars can mean that your pet is literally wearing poison around their necks. Unique and one-of-a-kind, Organic Aromas has introduced a fun and relaxing new board game for adults... My grocery list contains “all” of the essential oils listed on your website – and will advise. Great idea building an all natural defense system! Luckily, there are numerous options out there that can help you repel fleas and improve the health of your pet and the protection level of your home. I ordered some peppermint oil online, and put 1.5 tsp in a quart sprayer filled the rest of the way with filtered water. Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride into your home on your dog or cat and instantly become a major problem. Have a blessed day. Essential Oil Flea & Tick Spray Homemade Tick Repellent for Dogs Keeping your pets safe from outdoor pests that cause lyme disease is imperative while avoiding toxins found in … Eggs are laid in carpet, clothing, and any other fabric in the home and a few fleas on a dog can easily become a major infestation. I noticed you said limit vaccines and don’t overvaccinate, so I’m assuming that there are some vaccines that are needed, but I would just like some more information/where to find information on dog vaccines. Flea & Tick Spray SKU: FG00450 Description: Richard’s Organics Flea & Tick Spray is a naturally gentle & safe way to kill pesky & dangerous fleas and ticks, while also repelling mosquitos. You don’t have to fill the home with dangerous poisons and chemicals – poisons that can harm you, your family, and your pets. Any ideas on what can help my 7yr old pit and 7mo old kitten. Add 2 drops of the essential oil to shampoo that you’ll be using to bathe your pets. and the majority of the heartworm prevention is very toxic to our furbabies again living in South Louisiana mosquitoes are horrible I have so many herbs inside and outside that ” help” and still get eaten alive. are horrible~! God damn it, i lived and still am living … a nightmare. – if they should happen to lick surfaces that have been wiped down with an alcohol solution that includes these essential oils? Good to know as I have loved ones who have had lymes disease. (Bathe 2-3 times a week for best results). In addition we turned our yard into a Tic Free zone by replacing shrubs with Lavender and putting out potted Lemongrass in the summer Nature provides all we need to combat those pesky critters. Natural treatment and essential oils are more affordable than those harsh chemical poisons, so you save money and improve the safety of the process. I spray my dogs before they go out and also put this solution on their collars. The login page will open in a new tab. Please let me know when the subsides. Look it up. What a blessing to get those morning kisses. It’s incredibly important to do, however. What do you use now? 1-4 drops of essential oil for every tablespoon of carrier (eg Coconut) oil. I buy shelled pumpkin unshelled pumpkin seeds and food grade diatomaceous earth put them in blender dry I do a 50/50 blend and make about 10 ounces. Put the mixture of essential oils on your dog at least once a week. Lavender oil soothes your dog’s skin and helps prevent infection. The content on this website is not meant to replace veterinary advice. You tell the Vet you don’t want to feed your dog a systemic POISON to toxify their blood to control the pests. Using essential oils to fight against fleas is an effective alternative to expensive chemicals, pills, collars, and sprays. 1 drop bay leaf essential oil. Lemon and lemongrass essential oils are very popular for use as a flea repellent because their scent is pleasant. 7 Essential Oils for Fleas and Ticks on Dogs + 30 Toxic ones,, How to Stay on Budget When Caring for an Aging Pet, The Secret of a Healthy Dog: Benefits of CBD Oil. Lavender I understand this article is for dogs but any knowledge on what I can put on my kitten to repel/kill/prevent more fleas on him? She believes in educating pet owners about natural and healthy alternatives to toxic chemicals in our dog's diets and nutrition. Geranium oil (specifically the species, Pelargonium graveolens) has been shown in studies to be just as effective at keeping ticks away as DEET. Be sure to use a carrier oil such as: Let your dog smell each bottle, undiluted, with the lid on and asses his reaction. My poor cat has suffered enough from these unending fleas! Here are the three best choices for preventing problems. Flea spray with essential oils. I recently got some oils yet their alive in the house still. Caution . Just be sure to dilute the oil with a carrier oil first. The Latin or scientific name is important here – that’s the Pelargonium graveolens part. © 2020 Care4Dogs LLC. *** Disclaimer *** Always consult your veterinarian before using essential oils around your pets. I’ve been using Rose Geranium on my 2 dogs now for atleast 6 months, throughout our hottest months, and I’m very happy to say, no fleas or ticks! Shake well. Hi Anamile – We use an essential oil blend of Lemongrass Cedar and Lavender. Maybe you’ll change your mind when you see a puppy die a bloody death from Parvo. Since none of these oils will be diffused or applied topically to the dogs, do they pose a danger to them? In the end, keep in mind that healthy dogs are bad hosts for fleas. I have done some heavy research on heart worms and prevention and found it’s one of the biggest scams out there. Do you have a diy oil recipe to keep ticks off of dogs and cats that is safe around kids? I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s day Lin! And essential oils can be one of the keys to doing just that. I realize the 3 yr. rabies vaccine is required & since I have to board them when I fly from VA to FL, they have to receive the Bordetella vaccine before they are accepted into the Doggie Spa for boarding. The essential oils used in this recipe include lemon essential oil, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils. A family member returned from a retreat with Lice, bed bugs & Ticks!!! Regular bathing, vacuuming, and use of essential oils will be instrumental in keeping them away. If I am making a flea collar for my dog, what do I dilute the oil with? Hi Lin it sounds like Foxie and Peekie have a great mom looking after them . I’m so excited to have found you. Please mind that many oils that are good for dogs are sometimes not good for cats. Do you happen to have the only dogs on earth that don’t stick their snouts into their fur? Consider Cedar wood chips in the yard as a natural repellant instead pine straw or other wood chips which attract fleas & ticks!! For example, if you would like to make 1 cup of flea/tick oil solution: Direct undiluted Rose geranium oil on your dog is okay. Fleas Made a cotton, used the appropriate oil w/mixer and he is flea free and very happy. Repeat if needed. it’s very bad to breathe, and anywhere it gets airborne in any way is bad. My babies were vaccinated, and still got it, i lost 7 angels because of that Parvo. In 2009, the EPA released an important advisory. It’s important to understand that dogs and cats are much more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. I live in Australia so I’m guessing it might be different here. Her fur on her back just greasy doing it daily! The “secret” to repelling ticks naturally is geranium essential oil. It’s meant to be used outdoors or in places where it won’t be made airborne or get disturbed. Going Somewhere? I have an 8 ounce spray bottle and Lavender, cedarwood and lemongrass oils. Big Pharma certainly covers all of their bases when it comes to playing on people’s love for their pets. Add 5 drops of oil to water to mix your own spray, then apply the spray to your pet’s coat. I have tried 3 different recipes for flea and ticks with essential oils and none have made a difference so it’s back to the chemicals that work. there are also nematodes you can spray on your yard that will help get rid of the fleas there. Never put undiluted essential oils on your pets, and never on the pads of their paws. Everything I’ve found and researched says otherwise. I believe I do have some jojaba oil too. Many of the essential oils most frequently advertised in flea and tick products—eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil, etc.—are already known to be toxic to dogs and/or cats. 8 fl. There are NO essential oils that are safe for cats!. I am also wondering whether it is efficient to apply it only on the fur since I do not want the oils to be absorbed through her skin given her current condition. It’s active ingredient (citral and geraniol) acts as a natural repellent. However, if the area you live in has high rates of fleas and ticks then put the oils on your dog 3 to 5 times a week. I keep my yard mowed and periodically spray my yard with a homemade tick spray! Eco friendly and non toxic, comes from ground fossil shells (all natural!). Lavender oil repels ticks and prevents tick eggs from hatching. Amitraz is used in flea and tick collars. I get titers to see if my dogs actually needs vaccinations. Essential oils leave behind a fresh smelling aroma that can also bring aromatherapy benefits with them. FLEAS! From relaxation to lower stress, you can enjoy these benefits while fighting ticks and fleas. $ 10.99 [Low Stock] Quantity . You can use any plants you want that help repel fleas. Add a few drops of Cedar oil to a carrier oil. Again, if u have animals NEVER use Tea Tree around them! Mix 15 drops of an essential oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil and then add to a cotton collar. Read More, Whatever the cause of your sore muscles, one thing is for sure: the experience is painful. Hi Adam, thank you for sharing about your precious Harley. Subscribe to my mailing list below: Have a question or just want to say hello? This lets you make your own natural flea and tick collar. The vet was insisting on a whole bunch, I asked for titers. What a great idea to develop a tick-free zone! I bought catnip and lavender. If you ask your vet, they will gladly sell you a commercial flea & tick product. So can using commercial flea products which are toxic to you and your dog’s health. Posted on September 17, 2017 by Chad Pegura I feel so bad for my little fur babies yet nothing I do seems to be working. Fleas in particular can be a major problem in that once they enter the home, they can spread quickly and become incredibly difficult to repel. It is in fact one of two ingredients in a natural flea pesticide sold at Walmart. Making a spray with these oils and using it around your house will make your house smell like you just cleaned instead of attempted to ward off a flea infestation. I would recommend using lavender oil or cedar to repel fleas on your dog. Another oil mentioned in that study is cedarwood essential oil. You can also spray the mixture on your hands first and then gently rub it into your pet’s fur. Add 15 to 20 drops to a spray bottle of water and shake well. DIY Essential Oil Flea Spray Unique and one-of-a-kind, Organic Aromas has introduced a fun and relaxing new board game for adults... Blog Articles on Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Aroma - A Game of Essence | New Essential Oil Based Board Game, Essential Oil Blends For Motivation and Confidence, Essential Oil Roller Bottle For Better Sleep, essential oils are popular across the globe. As for pet animals is important to note that not all essential oils are recommended. I’ve made my own tick and mosquito sprays and they work beautifully. Dilute with a carrier oil before applying on your dog. Try adding some plants like lavender or rosemary to your front yard and backyard. I have done massive research for natural solutions and now have bags of food-grade diatomaceous earth; powdered on my dogs that did NOT work. the frontline pipettes and similar are what the vets say work. Rosemary essential oil tends to irritate more than other oils. #2 dilute, dilute, dilute. Hello, This is perfect! You lost me with “stay away from vaccinations”. When using essential oils with pets #1. get good quality oils, ie not from a big box store. Might be best to skip that one around your dog. I would recommend either a blend of lavender oil or Frankincense. What is the ratio of lemongrass oil and water for flea control and how often do you apply. Find out from an animal aromatherapist what oils dogs can handle and use dilutions recommended by them. If you don’t believe in that, then do some research, you owe that much to your pets. In addition there is no such thing as a prevention, the medication you can purchase for prevention is actually the same medicine that is issued for a an diagnosis but in a lower concentration. I would recommend to use it daily that way your pet is protected when they go outside. What is a good recipe to make with essential oils. Lavender Essential Oil. Took him to the vet for some bruises while giving him his bath they found some ticks on him and we also found two on him. However, I use peppermint oil on the necks and back as the spray will kill fleas within 5-10 seconds. Apply 2 to 4 drops topically to the neck, chest, legs, and base of the tail. Love this article. I will be awaiting your reply…..thanks…. DANGER!!!!!!!!!! This is where they can draw blood to check the dog’s level of immunity from previous vaccines. Also on our health blog: Natural Pet Care for Pain, Anxiety, and More Do you feel the oils are safe on dogs that are nursing? It’s okay once the DE settles, is only during application. This video is unavailable. They may say 100% pure on the bottle, but the FDA says it only needs to be 5% to put that label on. How to use Essential Oils to Stop Fleas and Ticks. Knowledge of the facts and a true love of your best friend will bring you to the natural and safest route to protect your pet and i believe extent their lives. Historically heartworm cases are low and it’s not as common as you would think our your vet would have you think. It’s a very personal decision but what I do is test our 3 dogs for heartworms every 6 months if for some reason a test came back positive I would start treatment but I’m not going to pre administrator meds for something that’s not there. Tea tree oil is also very good I ha made my own spray with citronella, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and lemon grass. Now all the fleas keep going on me I’d rather he didn’t have any. 2 drops myrrh essential oil When learning how to make flea spray for dogs, you'll probably be able to use ingredients that you already have around your home. I’m sorry to hear that your dogs are having problems with fleas and ticks. He kept running around and I realized that it was too much for him, so I bathe him to wash off the oil and washed him with oatmeal. Just because its natural, doesnt mean safe or non toxic by any means. The best defense for natural flea control is a healthy dog! 3 Essential Oils that Repel Fleas and Ticks, Posted on September 17, 2017 by Chad Pegura. I just read a story on Facebook about a dog that got really sick on tree tea oil used in a defuser. Their livers cannot metabolize essential oils like dogs and humans. Diffusing Cedar oil will allow the anti-parasitic molecules to be released into the air and kill off any fleas and ticks. It’s treating something that’s not there. Start with 3 drops of your essential oil of choice with an ounce of carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond, or apricot kernel oil. Frankincense is a safer and less potent and a great all-around oil to use with your dogs. Keep trying the oil. Thank you Adam for your help yes the Pharma companies hype people up it’s all about the money ( I wonder how many of them use these toxic meds on their own pets?) Mix 15 drops of an essential oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil and then add to a cotton collar. Here’s How to Make Moving Easier on You AND Your Pets, Concentrated essential oils require dilution prior to use (see #2 below), Apply oils in a breezy or ventilated area, Minimize vaccinations and don’t over-vaccinate, Avoid drugs and compounds in your dog’s environment. This tick repellent is suitable for ages 2+. Guess I’m infested with them. What blend of essential oils would you recommend for a dog after tumor removal and how often shall I use it? My sister would be very interested in this article! Wow, this is really great! The aroma will help keep fleas and ticks away. I have used for fleas and ticks with great results. We live in VA and last year was an especially virulent year for fleas and ticks. Add 15 to 20 drops to a … Fleas now a problem. We just acquired this male chihuahua. He hasn’t required long-term steroids at all. And yes you can even save a buck or two! would every other day be okay or every third day? Pawsitive Pets Inc is The Only All Natural Canadian Subscription box for you and your dog! I really appreciate ALL of the comments on fleas and natural oils for getting rid of them.I can not tolerate harsh chemicals. My backyard and front yard is infested with fleas and now my dog cat and house is. That was about 3 years ago, and have not seen a flea since. old and had many dogs when I was a child. Watch Queue Queue Combine these treatments with the right essential oils and you have a solution to fleas and ticks that you and your pets can both love. You can also add the drops to a bandana or cotton collar. does that mean to a teaspoon, Tablespoon, 1/4 of a cup??? Twice a week I put 1 tsp in there food and will make the food slightly moist so it sticks to the food. Neem is a natural remedy for a multitude of ailments. Plan to either use kitchen towel or cotton wool for the oil as a repellant. sprinkle in nook & crannies where pest hide. Of course, not all essential oils are effective. Then massage the neem oil into the skin. Even diffusing can kill a cat and has. Dogs and Allergies: Does Grain-Free Dog Food Help with Skin Allergies? Not a question just a thank you so much for the information. I already have coconut oil (unrefined, organic – $10 a pop) and at this point, seriously thinking of moving back where my now 9-year old + dogs NEVER, NEVER had a flea or tick problem…please help! If you don’t mind me asking. Blend all of the oils and store in a dark glass dropper bottle to ensure that the recipe stays fresh longer. The smell of lemongrass oil is unpleasant for fleas. #3 start low and slow. These sprays are all effective and affordable.The first recipe I'm sharing with you is effective at repelling fleas, but it needs to be applied daily. Ticks, I used Lemon Eucalyptus as I did not have any Lemongrass, along with the Lavendar and Citronella In her water spray for the ticks and fleas. How often do we use diluted oil treatment? Free shipping for orders over $50 in the 48 States and D.C. This is so useful for our fur-babies! 3 drops lavender essential oil Watch Queue Queue. I have just got a new pup who has had his first vaccination and is due for his second in 10 days. Quick and Effective Results Fleas and ticks can be quickly terminated using this tick control spray. Add 5-10 drops of undiluted lavender essential oil to your dog’s shampoo. Citronella The sites mention its toxicity, not nasal sensitivity. I’m confused now. Also wear gloves when applying & don’t breathe in the dust. However, research shows that very small amounts of tea tree oil is okay. 2 drops opoponax essential oil An essential oil-based repellent to defend against fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flies. I moved. Can’t wait to own one :). Pets die from all sorts of things, over vaccinating and not over vaccinating them can do it, the difference is, can your dog cope with it? Lavender oil soothes your dog’s skin and helps prevent infection. My Vet says that essential oils that are sold online don’t work. Cedar oil is also known as Cedarwood oil. Thee Ed pumpkin seed weakens the host and the d-earth pulls it off the walls of the stomach and digestive tract. Using essential oils is a better choice. Do not use a disperser that you put pure oils in as they go into the air, onto your pets coat and when your cat grooms itself into your cat. And if they get side effects their just “sensitive” NO they have been POISONED. This lets you make your own natural flea and tick collar. Never used an exterminator & have few pest issues than the neighbors. I have thought about switching out one or more of these with tea tree and/or oregano, or peppermint oil for their antiviral properties. Various types of natural methods such as tick traps, tick repelling plants, keeping the yard tidy, in combination with essential oil may provide a very effective way of tick control. And that most pet products that contain tea tree oil have tested and made sure that their products are safe for your pets. I make a spray of lavender oil lemon oil , a time bit of alcohol, baking soda and fill with distilled water spray on their beds . Cat – Once you see your dog crumble to the ground peeing pure blood all over himself and unable to stand from a vaccine or flea and tic application you might be singing a different tune. I mix about 5 drops of each in a bout a few drops of carrier oil like pure naturals light carrier oil and about 1/2 cup of water mix well and put into a spray bottle. I routinely keep it behind kitchen appliances, in door tracks, garage, etc. On the cedar oil is it cedar wood oil that’s the only essential oil I can find. Spray periodically to ankles, arms and any other exposed skin to repel ticks. Let us know using the form below. My Cairn has had really bad skin allergies where he would literally chew the fur off his body since he was about 7 weeks old.

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